Created for Ludum Dare 39 Compo

(Play in fullscreen - UI will get smaller relative to game window size)

(Slower PCs, laptops - you might want to download the game for better performance)

(If game crashes at later waves, please use downloadable version)

Build turrets on red spots to defend againts enemies.

Turrets lose energy while attacking so keep some cash for batteries.
You can upgrade turrets to make them stronger.
There are 20 waves of enemies comming to red box.
Each enemy deals one damage.


Scrollwheel - zoom in/out
WSAD - camera movement,
QE- camera rotation,
T - buy turret on selected spot,
R - recharge battery,
(You can manage without those) Y, U, I, H, J, K - upgrades in order as on User interface.

Please rate Turrets Turrets on Ludum Dare website!


Turrets Turrets Windows.rar 11 MB
Turrets Turrets 13 MB
Turrets Turrets 16 MB
Turrets Turrets Linux.rar 14 MB
Turrets Turrets Mac.rar 13 MB
Turrets Turrets 15 MB


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You've accidentally said your game works on Mac and Linux but only provided a Windows executable.  I'm on Linux on my laptop, so thought I could download the game to play it. Tower defenses are like my favorite games, I hope I'll get to play it.

Hey The Paper Pilot! Thank you for your post. 

I have added Linux and Mac versions as requested, however I have not tested them. If there's any problem with the Linux build please let me know, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.