Made for Ludum Dare #41 compo.

Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.

Punch Rock Scissors is a combination of rythm-fighting game with a classic Rock-paper-scissors. Damage to enemy is dealt by countering his next intended attack. 

More details on how to play can be found in Tutorial within main menu.


Left, Right - movement,

Z - punch - rock,

X - chop - paper,

C - kick - scissors,

Game also works with gamepad. It was tested with Xbox 360 controller:

X - punch - rock,

Y - chop - paper,

B - kick - scissors,

For a generic USB controller it's a little different ( I use Xbox controller markings) :

A - punch - rock,

X - chop - paper,

B - kick - scissors,

Tested on Windows 10 with 1920x1080 display.

Edit: User interface should now work on any resolution. Let me know if something is still not right, if possible include screenshot. Thanks!

Please leave a comment after you play so that I can also play your games. 

All feedback is welcome! Cheers!


Punch Rock Scissors 11 MB
Punch Rock Scissors 16 MB
Punch Rock Scissors 30 MB
Punch Rock Scissors 19 kB


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Really cool concept! Ran accross a weird bug, where I couldn't leave the tutorial menu after check the controls out in it. Had to reload the game