Offering is a puzzle platformer made by Aleksandra Rydza (Idea, Art) and Tomasz Rydza (Code, Sound) for Ludum Dare  Jam 43.

Game was made in Unity and was possible thanks to new awesome Tilemap feature. 

Sprites were made in Aseprite, music and sound effects in Audacity.

Music sample is by user Synx from


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Cool game!

You need to fix your jump

How so? Can you be more specific?

I can't jump above the first cliff, I need to use all three stumps to jump to the next area. I found out to use Z before it told me because I couldn't figure out if there was a trick or not.

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It should be fixed now. Thanks for the comment! I tested it for several hours today and everything was fine, but you are right. When I tried to play on my laptop I couldn't jump high enough, weird. If you could, please inform me if it's also fixed for you. Cheers!


It's all fixed thanks!